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Adorable But Deadly Creatures

Paperback £8.99
Also available as a Hardcover

With big eyes and ears and colourful bodies, a lot of creatures in nature can look very cute. But don’t always be fooled by their adorable appearance. When provoked, these animals can easily injure or kill a person. Their defence mechanisms, such as poison or sharp teeth and claws, can turn them from darling to deadly in seconds. Get ready to discover some of the world’s cutest killers! Part of the Killer Nature series.

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Book Band: Dark Red

Authors: Hofer, Charles C. Pages: 32, Interest Age: 8 - 11, Reading Age: 8 - 9, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 4.4, AR Quiz Number: 241977, Trim Length: 229 mm, Trim Width: 178 mm, Publication Date: Jan 2023

ISBN: 9781398222588

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