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Early reading sparks creativity, ignites curiosity and stimulates imagination. We are delighted to offer a range of fiction and non-fiction books to help children grow and develop important skills up to age five. A selection of our titles are below, or view all of them here.

Board Books

by Michael Dahl

Hello Genius

Aimed at the youngest learners, the Hello Genius series provides bright colours and fun characters to guide children’s first steps of learning and growing. These books assist the social and emotional development of young children whilst providing information to parents on how to support their growth.


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by Clara Cella

Silly Measurements

Measurements have gone silly! With these hilarious and interactive books, young children will begin to understand the concept of numbers and measurements. Lots of lough-out-loud comparisons with kittens, doughnuts, flamingos and other crazy non-measurable items. A perfect way of introducing the concept of maths with appealing images and playful text.


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Literacy & English

by Christianne Jones

The World Around You

The World Around You series looks at colours, shapes, counting and more early learning concepts through everyday scenarios familiar to young children. Creative, rhyming text paired with bright, colourful photographs will engage readers, while quizzes at the end of each book will test readers on what they have learned and acknowledge their understanding of each concept.


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by Mari Schuh

Let's Look At Light

How are shadows created? Where does light come from? An early introduction into the world of science, this series examines light and how it works. The text is carefully levelled for emergent readers and includes comprehensive questions to help understand the text. A perfect series to spark curiosity.


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