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Raintree's modified permissions guidelines for librarians and educators during COVID-19 closures.

All material and content published by Raintree and its imprints is protected under copyright law. Raintree wants to do everything we can to help pupils and educators through this challenging period.

While we cannot grant permission for recordings of our titles to be posted online, on any public or private platform, for any length of time, we are happy to grant non-exclusive permission to live-stream read alouds during this unusual time when the following conditions are met:

  • the reading is done in a closed (private) live stream that is not recorded or archived
  • the reading is a one-time, nondramatic reading of the book, intended for educational and non-commerical purposes only
  • the reading shall not be publicly shared or broadcast on social media platforms, unless posted “Unlisted” (not public), and shall not be used as a means to generate income via advertising or any other fee
  • videos on platforms that auto-archive are immediately deleted (e.g. Facebook Live)
  • credit is given to the author(s), illustrator(s) and Raintree

If you are one of our authors or illustrators, you may record the reading of an excerpt of your work for non-commercial purposes if proper credit is given. If you post a video containing any excerpt of a Raintree title, please send a link to [email protected] to inform us of use. Please include a link to www.raintree.co.uk.uk in your video or in the comments.

For other permissions requests please contact us at [email protected].

Media Requests should be directed to [email protected].

Please direct inquiries for translation and other subsidiary rights to [email protected].