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With real stories using words that children can read!


Download our correlation chart to see how Red Squirrel Phonics could be used alongside your schools Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) program. Is your SSP not listed? Drop us an email so we can help! 


Red Squirrel Phonics helps teach children phonics skills in a sequential and systematic way, so that they can learn the sounds (phonemes), and the letters that represent them (graphemes) and then practise and apply this knowledge through reading a text that makes sense. This ensures that every beginning reader will experience success in their reading from their very first book!

Red Squirrel Phonics features

  • 180 enjoyable stories and non-fiction texts
  • Decodable vocabulary with some high-frequency words
  • Systematic progression for learning the sounds (phonemes) and the letters that represent them (graphemes)
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Books that include guided reading lesson plans, activity sheets and assessment
  • Levels 1 to 5 feature recurring characters from the same family along with their pets and friends
  • Levels 6 and 7 introduce a wider range of characters and artwork styles perfect for readers beginning to grow in confidence
  • Teaching notes included in each book

Teacher Books

In addition to the summary of teaching points provided in each book, we also offer five comprehensive Teachers’ Books. Each Teacher’s Book includes:

  • Phonics overview
  • Scope and sequence
  • Explicit Guided Reading teaching notes
  • Photocopiable activity pages for every book
  • Word banks
  • Assessment


"As advisers for Kent primary schools, we feel happy and confident to promote Red Squirrel decodable books to our English Leaders. We particularly like the clarity of each page, the simplicity of the font and the presentation of clear pictures, which are easy to process and understand. Even the earliest books are based on a meaningful story, making them interesting to read and talk about. There’s plenty of guidance inside the cover for the adult too. It’s very easy to see at a glance which phonemes and graphemes are included, so that the book can be matched to what the child already knows. This scheme could be used alongside the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, as it complements (rather than copies) each phase from phase 2."
We unreservedly recommend this product to add to your reading repertoire! Penelope Bill, Specialist Improvement Adviser (English), Primary School Improvement, The Education People
"I taught reading using the Red Squirrel series this year and loved it. It’s great to find a phonetic series with authentic story lines and fun characters. The illustrations are super cute as well and not too busy. The book levels are carefully sequenced phonetically with plenty of practice at the critical CVC stage. I like the slow, steady build-up of sight vocabulary, too – it freed up more brain space for decoding. As a teacher, the layout of the book is super helpful. The skills practice page on the inside cover is a great idea, providing a great warm-up before reading the text. The teaching notes at the back are very helpful – clear, concise, no fluff!"
Best of all, the Red Squirrel's series worked! Not only were my pupils strong, confident readers at the end of the year but they LOVED reading. Kaye Twomey, Presentation Primary School, Limerick City

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