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Reading for Pleasure is central to our vision here at Raintree. We’re delighted to offer a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles covering high interest topics to help engage even the most reluctant readers. Check out some of our spotlighted titles below, or browse our full range here.

Graphic Novels

Graphic Science: Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists

Join Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists as they use their superpowers and super-smarts to investigate today’s most urgent environmental and scientific issues. Through the dynamic graphic novel format, these accessible introductions break down complex topics into exciting, fact-filled STEM adventures. With Max and his team leading the way, young readers will learn about current challenges facing the world and discover actions to solve them.


This series includes:

  • Polar Ice Meltdown
  • Rainforest Destruction
  • Animal Extinction Emergency
  • Ocean Plastics Problem (selected for the Reading Agency's 2022 Summer Reading Challenge)


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Mind-Blowing Science Facts

Did you know that lightning strikes Earth one hundred times every second? This series features high-interest topics that provide children with incredible facts about science. Young readers will learn about the human body, space, the weather, plants and other mind-blowing topics.


This series includes:

  • Lakes in the Coean
  • Your Nose Never Stops Growing
  • The World Was Once Covered by Giant Mushrooms
  • A Toad That Explodes
  • It's Raining Fish!


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Mystery Solvers

The Mystery Solvers series allows children to dive into unsolved mysteries that have intrigued people for years. They will learn about fascinating lost worlds, ancient treasures, lost kings and alien sightings. Encouraging critical thinking and reasoning, children will use the evidence to decide what they believe.


This series includes:

  • Incredible Hoaxes
  • Forgotten Kings and Kingdoms
  • Atlantis and Other Lost Civilisations
  • Ancient Tombs and Hidden Treasures
  • Aliens, UFOs and Other Mysteries From Space
  • The Bermuda Triangle and Other Deadly Places


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