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Reading is for everyone. Our HiLo titles offer struggling readers engaging, high-interest titles with supported text to encourage reading fluency and vocabulary understanding. Check out some of our spotlighted HiLo titles below.

Graphic Novels

by Luke Feldman

Graphic Spin


Fairy tales with a fresh twist! The world’s best known fairy tales are re-told in graphic novel format. With bold illustrations, these timeless tales with a modern edge will attract even the most reluctant readers.


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by Jake Maddox & Eduardo Garcia

Sport Stories

These high-energy sport stories are combined with exciting and dynamic graphics to tell the tales of teamwork and sportsmanship. Supportive back matter, including comprehensive questions, writing prompts and non-fiction sports info, helps young readers and sport enthusiasts to step up their game.


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The World Around Us

by Rachel Castro

Passport To Nature

Travel the world through storytelling! Learn how lakes were formed. Take a trip to the desert. Stand above a gigantic canyon. This compelling and enlightening series takes young readers on a journey to explore the most incredible features Earth has to offer.


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by Ellis M. Reed

Mind Blowing Science Facts

Did you know that a Stegosaurus’s brain was as big as a walnut? This series features high-interest topics that provide children with incredible facts about science. Young readers will learn about dinosaurs, space, the weather, plants and other mind-blowing topics.


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