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Buckle up for all-new stories from your favourite Super Heroes and super-villains. We’re proud to offer a wide range of titles from DC writers and illustrators to bring iconic heroes like Batman and Superman to a younger generation of readers.


by Dario Brizuela & Brandon T. Snider

The Amazing Adventures of Batman!

A thrilling and action-packed early chapter series featuring the well known Super Hero Batman. These books are a perfect introduction to the world of DC and include iconic characters such as Batgirl, Robin, Posion Ivy, The Scarecrow and others. Each book contains author and illustration biographies, teacher support materials and a secret message from Batman himself!


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by Michael Dahl

Superman Tales of the Fortress of Solitude

Welcome to the secret headquarters of Superman. Deep in the arctic are hundreds of trophies, awards, and souvenirs. Each one has a story. Each one tells a tale. In this action-packed HiLo set, reluctant readers will uncover the mysteries behind the Man of Steel’s most prized possessions. They will discover how each one earned its place in the Fortress of Solitude!


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by Art Baltazar & Steve Korte

The Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets

Are you ready for a new kind of hero? It’s the story of the DC Super-Pets! This new series tells the tale of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl and their super-pet partners who help them fight crimes and solve mysteries. Join them to save the day, super-style!


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Female Heroes

by Yancey Labat & Shea Fontana

DC SuperHero Girls

A New York Times bestseller, this new and exciting series tells the story of iconic characters who inspire young girls to discover their true potential. Helping to build confidence and character, each book features a powerful and diverse line-up of female characters as relatable teens. Icons include Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Supergirl and many more.


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Super Villains

by Louise Simonson & Lucian Vecchio

DC Super-Villains Origins

It’s time for the Villains to tell their stories! With action packed illustrations and easy to follow text, this series tells the tales of DC’s evilest enemies. Learn how the Joker got his crazy clown face and how Catwoman learnt her cat-like skills. These books are perfect for young superhero fans who want to learn even more about the world of DC.


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