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Thanks to popular demand, our Book Packs are back... and this time they are BIGGER and better than before! From Engage Literacy to Red Squirrel Phonics, Lexile Levels to Reading Framework Packs, there isn't an easier way to stock your schools' bookshelves. Browse our 140 specially curated book packs below, alongside FAQs and ordering information.

Reading Framework Packs

Accelerated Reader Packs

Engage Literacy Packs

Red Squirrel Phonics Packs

How do I order?

Browse the packs above, and simply add them to your basket to pay online.

What if one of the titles in the pack I've ordered is out of stock?

If one of the titles in the pack you've ordered is out of stock, we'll dispatch the rest of the pack to you now and send the title to you later once back in stock, at no extra delivery cost.

We're quick to replace any out of print titles, but if you happen to order whilst one of the titles has just gone out of print, we'll dispatch the other titles as a full pack and not charge you for the out of print title at checkout.