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Part of the Mythology Matchups series

Odin vs Ares

Hardback £13.99

It’s time for two legendary gods of war to clash! The Norse god Odin is the All-father and the god of war, wisdom and poetry. Facing him is Ares, the Greek god of war and destruction. Odin’s wisdom guides him in combat strategy and protecting heroes in battle. Meanwhile, Ares’ brute strength and skill with weapons make him an unstoppable force. If these two gods faced off on the battlefield, who would come out on top? Compare and contrast Odin’s and Ares’ strengths, powers and weaknesses in this Mythology Matchup. Part of the Mythology Matchups series.

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Book Band: Dark Blue

Authors: Lukidis, Lydia Pages: 32, Interest Age: 8 - 11, Reading Age: 8 - 11, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 4.8, AR Quiz Number: 244420, Trim Length: 229 mm, Trim Width: 178 mm, Publication Date: Feb 2024

ISBN: 9781398252714

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