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Part of the Solving Space's Mysteries series

Mysteries of Moons and Moon Phases

Paperback £8.99

Full moons in folklore and legends are said to have magic power. Does a full moon really affect our planet and people living on it? Get a closer look at the moons in our solar system, from the known moons to the ones that haven’t been discovered. Budding astronomers will learn all about moons, from Jupiter’s 63 moons to the features of Earth’s moon. Part of the Solving Space's Mysteries series.

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Book Band: Dark Red

Authors: Labrecque, Ellen Pages: 32, Interest Age: 8 - 11, Reading Age: 8 - 9, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 4.1, AR Quiz Number: 239658, Trim Length: 229 mm, Trim Width: 178 mm, Publication Date: Sep 2021

ISBN: 9781398204720

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