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Fast Facts About Spiders

Paperback £7.99

Do you spy a silky web? A spider must be near by! Young readers will get the fast facts on these eight-legged creatures, including spider body parts, habitats and life cycles. Along the way, they will also uncover surprising and fascinating facts! Simple text, close-up photos and a fun activity make this a perfect introduction to the spectacular world of spiders. Part of the Fast Facts About Insects and Spiders series.

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Book Band: White

Authors: Garstecki-Derkovitz, Julia Pages: 24, Interest Age: 5 - 7, Reading Age: 5 - 7, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 203 mm, Trim Width: 203 mm, Publication Date: Oct 2022

ISBN: 9781398213371

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