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Part of the Kids' Sport Stories series

Aim High

Paperback £6.49

Friends Kerry and Zack can't get enough of their favourite superhero, a bow-and-arrow-toting character named Brave Bowie. His magic arrows always save the day. But when the friends sign up for archery lessons, they soon learn that practice and hard work make real-life archers great in the sport, not cartoon tricks. Part of the Kids' Sport Stories series.

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Book Band: Purple

Authors: Funck, Diego, Pryor, Shawn Pages: 32, Interest Age: 5 - 7, Reading Age: 5 - 7, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 229 mm, Trim Width: 152 mm, Publication Date: Feb 2021

ISBN: 9781398204560

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