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Our 100 for £100 Book Packs were extremely popular and are no longer available.  Take a look at what else we have to offer and carry on updating your bookshelves for less!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What books are included in the book packs?

Each book pack contains 100 titles and you are able to find the complete contents for each pack below:

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

Key Stage Three


The contents of each book pack is subject to availability and once a book is gone...it's gone! 

Are the books quizzed for Accelerated Reader?

There are a great selection of quizzed titles in each book pack. A quick breakdown can be seen below: 

KS1 - 41
KS2 - 48
KS3 - 71

How long will it delivery take?

Our distributor, HarperCollins Supply Chain, will aim to process and deliver your order within 7-10 days. 

Will all of the books be sent at the same time?

Our distributor, HarperCollins Supply Chain, will endeavor to send all of your books in the same order. However, in the unlikely event that this is not possible, remaining titles will be sent in a separate shipment which will not be charged for. 

What if I don't like the books?

Please ensure that you look at each packs content before purchasing your pack(s). 

Packs cannot be returned. 

Are these books suitable as gifts?

We do not advise that schools purchase these book packs as end of year gifts. 

I bought a pack but haven't been charged £100?

Due to high demand, if any title(s) in your book pack becomes unavailable, you will not be charged for the title(s).

Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to take credit payments via our website.

If you would like to pay by credit card, then please place your order through our website and select 'Invoice' as your payment type. Once you have received your invoice you are able to pay for it by by calling our distributor, HarperCollins Supply Chain, on 0141 306 3100.

Our distributor can only accept credit card payments in GBP, no other currency will be accepted over a credit card payment. When the price is in GBP then nothing extra will be charged.



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