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Match Funding 

Applications are now closed

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us at feedback@raintree.co.uk - a member of our team will be happy to help!   

What is the Raintree Match Funding Scheme?

The Raintree Match Funding Scheme is an initiative that we have established, so that you can continue to help support children to develop a real love of reading and learning.

Recipients will receive a pound-for-pound match on their order, so that they can purchase additional Raintree books and resources. 

For instance, if you spend £1500 we will give you an additional £1500 to spend with us in the same order. 

Who can claim Match Funding?

All Nurseries, Primary and Secondary schools in the UK and Europe are eligible to apply.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your application via our dedicated Match Funding Page (you will be prompted to login/sign up for an account)
  2. We'll send you a confirmation email and review your application. Those awarded match funding will be notified via email on a rolling basis

  3. If your application is successful, we will then email you your match funding code

  4. Place your order via our website or email it to us by the 23rd October

  5. We will then match your order  - pound for pound!


My application has been approved! What books are included in match funding?

Download a copy of our Match Funding Catalogue and Match Funding Order Form

Over 3500 fiction, non-fiction and educational resources are included in Match Funding - including our Engage Literacy programme and No Nonsense resources!

Search our books by Key Stage or Title to narrow down your search and stock your bookshelves with individual or sets of our titles. 

50% off Topic Packs, No Nonsense Literacy and Pebble Go subscriptions are excluded. 


How do I place my order?

Once your application has been approved, there are two ways you are able to order: 



  1. Place the books and resources you would like to order into your online basket
  2. When you are ready, place your match funding code into the voucher field
  3. Your match funded amount will automatically be deducted 
  4. Checkout


  1. Download our Match Funding Catalogue and Match Funding Order Form
  2. Input your Match Funding code and delivery information
  3. Input the the quantity of each title you would like to order
  4. Email your completed order form to feedback@raintree.co.uk


Are new titles for the Autumn term included in Match Funding?

Yes! All of the books in our 2020 New Autumn Titles Brochure are include in Match Funding! 

Download the order form here

I applied for Match Funding in 2019 but didn't place an order. Should I apply again?

All customers who applied or placed an order in 2019 for Match Funding have been pre-approved. Simply enter your pre-approval code to save. If you would like a reminder of this code, please contact us

How many Match Funding orders can I place?


Once your application has been approved, you can place multiple orders. All orders must be placed by the 23rd October, 2020.

What our customers say...

"We are really pleased with the wide range of subject matter, age and interest levels, and style of books available. Our readers at all levels have loved the quality of the books and are so disappointed when a friend chooses a book that they have been longing to read! On top of this, the match funding has helped to stretch our ever-dwindling budget so everyone is happy! We will definitely be buying more books in the future!"
Greg Braham, Head of School Liphook Infant School, Hampshire
"I was pleasantly surprised with the available titles of this scheme, including fiction and non-fiction copies. On top of this, most books have Accelerated Reader quizzes and they have been well-used by my students."
Minh Nguyen, Learning Resource Centre Manager Whitley Academy, West Midlands
"Working in a school in a deprived area, Raintree's Match Funding Scheme has been instrumental in regenerating our heavily used library. The children have enjoyed all the books delivered, and they have brought a renewed sense of enjoyment to reading!"
Claire Moseley, Early Years Coordinator Kentmere Academy and Nursery, Lancashire

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