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Engage Literacy Read Aloud & Big Books

Engage Literacy Read-Aloud Books

The  Engage Literacy read-aloud books are designed for the teacher to read to the whole class and introduce children to key vocabulary. Pupils will love finding out about the adventures of Min Monkey and Lea.

Min Monkey and Little Lemur Lea's Reading Adventure

Engage Literacy Big Books

The big books provide a wonderful collection of poems, rhymes and songs which are perfect for sharing in the classroom. With vibrant illustrations and fun, rhyming text, children will experience different genres and lots of different topics (teacher support included).

Colourful Rainbows and Singing Frogs Little Aeroplanes and Whooshing Waves Fuzzy Caterpillars and Great Big Dinosaurs Speckled Frogs and Red Balloons Rumbling Volcanoes and Silly Monkeys Special Places and Whispering Seashells

Oral Language Big Books

The Engage Literacy oral language big books are perfect for using with pairs or small groups of students to encourage discussion and participation.

  Oral Language: Speaking and listening in the classroom - Book C Oral Language: Speaking and listening in the classroom - Book D

“The Engage Literacy Shared Reading Big Books are a great tool that teachers can use to help encourage children’s oral language skills and literacy confidence. The content is fun for children and the accompanying teacher’s notes give lots of ideas for how to use the books effectively in the classroom.”

Clare Lewis
Managing Editor, Raintree