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Children today are called upon to deal with a constantly evolving world, with changes in technology, communication and the environment happening at a rate we have never experienced before. The topics of PSHE and Citizenship have never been more important if we are to equip children with the knowledge and skills to navigate their changing world, and to ensure resilience and a healthy mindset.

At Raintree, we believe in empowering children by inspiring them to see how they can tackle life’s challenges with knowledge, humour and enthusiasm. Our books teach them about the world, how people are different, and about how they can make a difference. We also provide practical information on how to keep healthy, from keeping fit to staying safe in their physical and online environments. And, with an increasing focus on children’s mental health, we make sure our books gently show children how to cope with the daily stresses and fears they may encounter along the way.

The following books are a small sample of the wonderful PSHE and Citizenship books at Raintree, all carefully designed to help children make informed decisions, develop empathy and contribute positively to their communities as they grow.

Physical Health

Mental Health