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Mars Rover Driver

Hardback £13.99
Also available as a Paperback

No one has yet visited Mars – at least, no humans have. Robot rovers have explored the surface of the Red Planet, and it’s the job of people on Earth to control their every movement. Find out what’s involved in being a rover driver, the tools and skills you need, and the difficulties of controlling something that’s millions of miles away.

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Authors: Chambers, Catherine, Maxwell, Scott Pages: 48, Interest Age: 10 - 13, Reading Age: 11 - 11, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 6.1, AR Quiz Number: 225089, Scottish Curriculum: P5, P6, P7, S2, S4, Trim Length: 210 mm, Trim Width: 146 mm, Publication Date: Jul 2013

ISBN: 9781406259780