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Your Physical Body

Paperback £9.99
Also available as a Hardcover

Our bodies are always growing and changing - from before we are born until the day we die. Even when we’re asleep our hearts continue to beat, we keep on breathing, and the cells that make up our bodies are constantly being repaired and renewed. But how and why does this happen? This book looks at the physical changes our bodies undergo, from reflex actions and changes to bones, to the impact of wounds, disease, and ageing.

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Authors: Rooney, Anne Pages: 64, Interest Age: 11 - 16, Reading Age: 12 - 13, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 8, AR Quiz Number: 224349, Trim Length: 254 mm, Trim Width: 195 mm, Publication Date: Mar 2014

ISBN: 9781406250343

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