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Part of the Informed! series

You Are Eating Plastic Every Day

Paperback £9.99
Also available as a Hardcover

Scientists have recently made startling discoveries about plastic pollution and our food supply. Could we really be eating microscopic pieces of plastic every day? What does this mean for our health? And what can we do about it? In this book, readers will get practical tips on how they can get involved to solve the problem and become part of the solution. Part of the Informed! series.

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Key Stage 3

Authors: Smith-Llera, Danielle Pages: 64, Interest Age: 11 - 14, Reading Age: 11 - 12, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 6.5, AR Quiz Number: 237212, Trim Length: 229 mm, Trim Width: 152 mm, Publication Date: Jul 2020

ISBN: 9781474788991

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