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Xander and the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns Pack A of 4

Paperback £23.96

Xander Stone is your average twelve-year-old boy. And, like any average twelve-year-old boy, he didn't believe in unicorns. No way. No how. NOT A CHANCE. Then one day - BLECH! - one puked on him. Yes, PUKED on him! Filthy, sticky-icky, rainbow-coloured puke. If seeing is believing, Xander got beliefed all over his favourite trainers. UNICORNS WERE REAL! Not the beautiful, brightly coloured, tra-la-la-ing ones in fairy tales. But stinky, zombie, rainbow-puking ones. At that moment, Xander Stone vowed to protect them and their disgusting secret at all costs - oh, and to keep his trainers squeaky clean.

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Key Stage 2
Book Band: Grey

Interest Age: 7 - 10 Reading Age: 7 - 9, Hi-Lo: Yes, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474751865

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