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Part of the Word Adventures series

Word Adventures Pack A of 8

Paperback £71.92

Want dry, monochromatic grammar texts that ellicit nothing but sighs and groans from readers? KEEP LOOKING. This is NOT the series for you! Buckle in as Word Adventures whisks you away to the beach with Verbs, on a scouting trip with Conjunctions, and to the heart of a bustling city with Prepositions to learn how parts of speech work (and play). Informative, curriculum-based text is supplemented with delightfully quirky parts of speech characters who share their stories and word examples in speech bubbles. Back matter questions, refreshers and deeper-dive information fortifies this grammar set.

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Book Band: Purple

Interest Age: 5 - 8 Reading Age: 5 - 8, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474772006

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