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What's Your Source?

Paperback £7.99
Also available as a Hardcover

What exactly is a primary source? How does it compare to other types of sources? Emerging readers need to know the difference. Readers will also be introduced to the concept of plagiarism, how to choose sources for their writing and reports, how to check source dates and accuracy, and more. Straightforward, neutral text and vivid photographs provide readers with the tools they need to learn about types of sources, including primary sources, how sources connect to media literacy and understanding ownership of work. Part of the All About Media series.

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Book Band: Gold

Authors: Jennings, Brien J. Pages: 24, Interest Age: 6 - 9, Reading Age: 6 - 8, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 203 mm, Trim Width: 206 mm, Publication Date: Apr 2019

ISBN: 9781474754439

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