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Volcano: A Fiery Tale of Survival

Paperback £5.99

When Cam’s family decides to go to a luau during their vacation in Hawaii, he decides to stay behind to play some video games in the hotel. Lost in gaming euphoria, Cam slowly begins to realize that the rumbling noises aren’t coming from the TV--the entire hotel is shaking. Cam glances out the window of his hotel room just in time to see the nearby “non-active” volcano explode. Chunks of rock and lava cascade down into the city. Giant, flaming rocks start to tear the hotel to shreds. Cam knows he needs to find his family and get out fast, but a river of lava is between him and his loved ones . . . Part of the Survive! series.

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Book Band: Dark Red

Authors: Troupe, Thomas Kingsley Pages: 56, Interest Age: 9 - 13, Reading Age: 9 - 11, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 4.5, AR Quiz Number: 229840, Trim Length: 178 mm, Trim Width: 127 mm, Publication Date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9781474710466

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