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The Trojan War

Paperback £6.99

What happens when the gods disagree? They send the mightiest of heroes to fight a war. But which hero will you be, and who will you side with: Greeceā€™s King Menelaus or Paris, a prince from the city of Troy? If the gods favor you, you just may survive the fighting. Full-page illustrations, interactive stories, and multiple endings transport you back to ancient Greece and into thick of battle as the Trojan War rages on. Part of the You Choose: Ancient Greek Myths series.

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Book Band: Dark Blue

Authors: Hoena, Blake Pages: 112, Interest Age: 8 - 12, Reading Age: 8 - 9, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 190 mm, Trim Width: 133 mm, Publication Date: Jun 2017

ISBN: 9781474737692

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