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Time Vortex

Paperback £5.99

The super-powered soldiers of Bug Team Alpha are engaged in intense combat when an explosion activates an ancient alien time-travelling device. Now half the team has been transported to 1600s Japan, Earth - right into the middle of a samurai battle. Can the special ops men and women find their way back home, without changing history forever? Includes illustrations, character roster, final mission report, plus discussion questions and writing prompts so readers can get the most out of this gripping galactic adventure.

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Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3
Book Band: Dark Red

Authors: Clarey, Patricio, Sutton, Laurie S. Pages: 112, Interest Age: 8 - 12, Reading Age: 8 - 12, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 203 mm, Trim Width: 133 mm, Publication Date: Apr 2018

ISBN: 9781474754613

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