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Part of the Tech Team series

Tech Team and the Mars Mission Mayhem

Paperback £5.99

The Tech Team is going to Mars! After winning a contest, the Tech Team has the chance to participate in a Mars colony simulation. Other science clubs are there, too. Including a rival club that’s played dirty in the past. Now, only a day into the mission, the Tech Team’s equipment is malfunctioning. Could it be sabotage? Faced with multiple suspects and the challenges of (simulated) space, Zoe, Jaden and Caleb will have to use their best science skills and investigative powers to figure out this red planet puzzler.

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Book Band: Dark Red

Authors: Metz, Melinda Pages: 128, Interest Age: 8 - 10, Reading Age: 8 - 10, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 190 mm, Trim Width: 133 mm, Publication Date: Aug 2016

ISBN: 9781474720540

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