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Part of the Sci-Fi Tech series

Sci-Fi Tech Pack of 6

Hardback £77.94

In the world of science fiction, a seemingly endless variety of cool futuristic devices and vehicles can be seen. From jet packs and flying vehicles to laser shields and invisibility cloaks, each device helps make a story more exciting and imaginative. What if these items were in real life? It could happen someday! Explore how scientists are making progress toward real-life versions of famous science-fiction devices. Discover the limits of today's research and learn what new technologies will be needed. Young readers will be fascinated by this look at futuristic science and technology. Part of the Sci-Fi Tech series.

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Key Stage 2
Book Band: Dark Red

Interest Age: 8 - 12 Reading Age: 8 - 9, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474797962

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