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Part of the No Nonsense Phonics series

No Nonsense Phonics Levels 1 and 2 Complete Set

Paperback £95.76

Prepare your pupils for the Phonics Screening Check with the unique No Nonsense Phonics programme. Each book combines the opportunity to practise decoding skills on unfamiliar REAL words within the context of stunning and relevant non-fiction. All words are fully decodable using the letter-sound correspondences covered in the Phonics Screening Check. High-interest, curriculum relevant photographs captivate pupils’ interest. The series develops pupils’ vocabulary, by introducing them to new words. Interesting facts included at the back of each book add meaning and encourage discussion with teachers and parents. Helpful notes in the front of the books provide guidance for teachers and parents. With a grown-up look and feel, it is also suitable for older pupils who have not mastered simple phonics. Part of the No Nonsense Phonics series.

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Key Stage 1

Interest Age: 4 - 11 Reading Age: 4 - 6, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474709323

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