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Jokes, Tricks and Other Funny Stuff Pack A of 4

Paperback £35.96

Gotcha! Do you need a new practical joke to play on your brother? Maybe your friend deserves payback for the trick he played on you at school. Whatever the reason, you've got the right set of books in your hands! From wacky spoonerism word games to caramel apple onions, Jokes, Tricks and Other Funny Stuff will provide hours of harmless mischief. This collection of funny tricks and practical jokes, wacky word games, puzzling riddles and laugh-out-loud jokes will keep young jokesters on their toes and their friends and family off balance! Part of the Jokes, Tricks and Other Funny Stuff series.

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Book Band: Turquoise

Interest Age: 8 - 14 Reading Age: 6 - 8, Hi-Lo: Yes, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474754750

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