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Immigration Today

Hardback £13.99
Also available as a Paperback

Covering the various reasons that people may want to move to the UK, this book takes an in-depth look at why and how people choose to become immigrants. From families fleeing war-torn countries, to workers looking for job opportunities, we cover the motivations, the challenges and the successes. This is a sympathetic and positive look at immigration today, helping children to understand the push and pull factors that bring people here. We consider the processes involved in immigration and asylum, how it can be hard to gain entry to the country and what happens when people try to get here illegally. And we'll also take a look at emigration and the factors that encourage UK residents to move abroad. Straightforward text, lively photographs and engaging case studies ensure readers will get a full, clear picture of migration.

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Key Stage 2
Book Band: Dark Blue

Authors: Dickmann, Nancy Pages: 32, Interest Age: 9 - 13, Reading Age: 9 - 11, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 0, Trim Length: 240 mm, Trim Width: 190 mm, Publication Date: Feb 2019

ISBN: 9781474772990

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