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Part of the The Web of Life series

Food Chains and Webs

Paperback £8.99

Food Chains and Webs explains that feeding relationships are at the heart of life on Earth. It looks at the different types of living thing in a food web - from producer to top consumer - as well as food pyramids and topics like bioaccumulation. It tackles common confusions about the science and shows how topics are relevant to the reader. Part of the The Web of Life series.

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Book Band: Dark Blue

Authors: Solway, Andrew Pages: 48, Interest Age: 11 - 16, Reading Age: 11 - 12, Hi-Lo: No, AR Level: 6.5, AR Quiz Number: 222088, Trim Length: 254 mm, Trim Width: 195 mm, Publication Date: Jan 2013

ISBN: 9781406232608

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