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Part of the Escape from Planet Alcatraz series

Escape from Planet Alcatraz Pack A of 6

Paperback £35.94

Zak Nine and Erro are trapped! After hiding aboard a military ship, hoping to see an exciting space battle up-close, the two boys find themselves stuck on Alcatraz, a giant penal colony housing the galaxy's worst criminals. Now Zak, a human, and Erro, a boy from an alien world, are stuck trying to find a way to escape the notorious prison planet. Each book follows the boys' adventures across the planet as they desperately search for a way to escape and return home. Their travels lead them through various dangers, including poisonous seas, bottomless pits, flaming plains and more! Follow the boys' adventures as the two unlikely friends work together to Escape from Planet Alcatraz! Part of the Escape from Planet Alcatraz series.

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Book Band: Lime

Hi-Lo: Yes, AR Level: 0

ISBN: 9781474785020

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