Busting Boredom in the Great Outdoors

Feeling outdoorsy? Get ready to bust boredom with nature and the world outside! Learn how to make pavement chalk paint, go on a photo safari, build giant garden games and much more. With clear instructions and helpful photos, busting boredom in the great outdoors has never been more fun.

Author: Tyler Omoth
ISBN: 9781474736909
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
Pages: 32
Series: Boredom Busters

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Busting Boredom in the Great Outdoors

Boredom Busters Pack A of 4

Feeling bored? No problem! Packed with projects, Boredom Busters provides plenty of activities and a space for creativity to help relieve boredom alone or with friends. Get ready to stir up your imagination and bust boredom in the great outdoors, with experiments, with art projects and with technology!

ISBN: 9781474737012
Pack Price: £49.36

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