Magnificent Moths

Moths aren’t like other minibeasts. These creatures are truly magnificent! Readers will learn about 12 different species of moths, each of with unusual and unexpected colours and patterns. Information about life cycles, habitats, and body parts is included.

Author: Martha E. H. Rustad
ISBN: 9781474736046
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
Pages: 32
Series: Marvellous Minibeasts!

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Magnificent Moths

Marvellous Minibeasts! Pack A of 4

For those who love minibeasts and for those who hate them! Not all minibeasts are gross or scary. Some are truly beautiful organisms. Each title features 12 lesser-known, colorful and awe-inspiring minibeast species from around the world. Information about body parts, life cycles, and habitats is made accessible to readers. Stunning, macro photographs of each creature are included, as well as close-ups of body parts, differences between males and females, and the species’ young.

ISBN: 9781474736145
Pack Price: £49.36

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