The Battle of Britain

During World War II, between 10 July and 31 October 1940, Nazi Germany launched an attempt to invade Great Britain, beginning with air raids. The German air force named the Luftwaffe fought in the skies above Britain against the British Air Force. The battle in the air caused destruction and chaos on the cities and towns below. However, thanks to the bravery of fighter pilots and the clever strategy of British forces, all was not lost. In this fascinating book, primary sources, quotes from Winston Churchill, Battle facts, a timeline and much more will provide readers with all they need to know about one of Britain's most challenging events in its long history.

Author: Catherine Chambers
ISBN: 9781474734219
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
Pages: 32
Series: Aspects of British History Beyond 1066

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The Battle of Britain

Aspects of British History Beyond 1066 Pack A of 2

The Aspects of British History Beyond 1066 series looks at significant developments, events and turning points in Britain's history from 1066 onwards. Each book describes events as they unfolded at the time as well as the effects that they have had on the Britain we know today.

ISBN: 9781474734226
Pack Price: £24.68

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