Christmas in the Philippines

Star-shaped decorations called paróls decorate walls. People gather for a feast called Noche Buena. Singing groups called cumbancheros fill the streets. These are the sights and sounds of Christmas in the Philippines. Come and explore the many Philippine traditions that bring people of this country together at Christmas.

Author: Cheryl L. Enderlein
ISBN: 9781474725705
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £11.99
AR Level: 3.9
Pages: 24
Series: Christmas around the World

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Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas around the World Pack A of 4

Travel around the world to learn the customs, songs, food and activities associated with Christmas in tradition-rich countries. A hands-on activity in each book helps to extend the learning - and the festivities!

ISBN: 9781474725866
Pack Price: £45.56

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