Mandarin Chinese Words

How do you say hello in Mandarin? Explore the pages of this Mandarin Chinese English picture dictionary to learn new words and phrases. Colorful photographs and simple labels make learning Mandarin fun.

Author: Katy R. Kudela
ISBN: 9781474706889
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
Pages: 32
Series: Bilingual Picture Dictionaries

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Also available in Paperback
ISBN: 9781474706940Price: £8.99

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Mandarin Chinese Words

Bilingual Picture Dictionaries Pack A of 6

Kids have the ability to learn new languages rapidly. This inviting A+ set makes it more fun! Each themed spread features a large, scene-setting photo, providing context for the translated words. An excellent introduction to another language.

ISBN: 9781474706971
Pack Price: £74.04

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