Tracking Animal Numbers

Counting animals is a challenging exercise. Many animals only come out at night. Others are very shy, and have become adept at avoiding people. Some live in remote places where it is difficult for people to observe them. Technology helps to make animal surveys easier.  Examples include using satellite imaging to count whales and setting traps to count amphibians.

Author: Tom Jackson
ISBN: 9781474702348
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
AR Level: 5.2
Pages: 32
Series: Animal Trackers

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Also available in Paperback
ISBN: 9781474702409Price: £8.99

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Tracking Animal Numbers

Animal Trackers, Pack A of 5

Much technology described in the other four books is to assist in the conservation of animal species. Getting information on numbers, behaviour, and movements helps identify environmental problems that need to be addressed. Sometimes scientists have to intervene to boost animal populations. In addition to traditional methods for doing this, several fascinating new techniques have been developed including satellite imagery to identify and stop illegal logging and drones to identify and stop wildlife poaching.

ISBN: 9781474702379
Pack Price: £61.70

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