Amazing Animal Shape-Shifters

Some animals, including frogs and dragonflies, change their body to live in different environments. Others, such as chameleons, change color to blend into the background to hide from predators. Still more change their shape dramatically to attract a mate—for example, the beautiful displays of birds of paradise.

Author: Leon Gray
ISBN: 9781474702188
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
AR Level: 5.1
Pages: 32
Series: Animal Scientists

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Also available in Paperback
ISBN: 9781474702249Price: £8.99

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Amazing Animal Shape-Shifters

Animal Scientists Pack A of 5

The Animal Scientists books combine ecology with simple scientific principles so young readers can see how animals have adapted to cope with their environment and how they relate to other animals. The series explores animals’ use of science and engineering to overcome environmental challenges: escaping predators, making a shelter, finding food and a mate.

ISBN: 9781474702201
Pack Price: £61.70

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