Giraffes Are Awesome!

Africa's wild animals are awesome! Bold, vibrant photos and engaging text bring readers up close with giraffes. Includes information on habitat, behaviour, life cycle, and threats to these amazing creatures.

Author: Lisa J. Amstutz
ISBN: 9781406288469
Format:  Hardcover
Price: £12.99
AR Level: 3.1
Pages: 32
Series: Awesome African Animals!

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Also available in Paperback
ISBN: 9781406288537Price: £8.99

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Giraffes Are Awesome!

Awesome African Animals Pack A of 6

Let's go on a wildlife safari! Watch as a giraffe rips leaves from tall trees. Sneak a peek at a lion on the hunt. Carefully-worded text explores each animal's habitat, life cycle, behaviour, and threats. Paired with bold, vibrant photos, young readers will see just why African animals are awesome!

ISBN: 9781406288506
Pack Price: £74.04

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